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Property Manager

Capitol Avenue Properties

The property manager is the individual or company that manages a single owners property here in Sri Lanka while they may be resident overseas.

Senu Cabs & Tours

Senu Cabs & Tours

Our Service remit ranges from airport taxi services ,Staff transport to movers.

Vehicles such as Cars, Vans, Busses and even Lorries are used with skilled drivers to serve your needs.

C R Ventures

C R Ventures (Pvt) Ltd – Freshness Guaranteed

C R Ventures (Pvt) Ltd is a premium-fresh produce distributer based in Sri Lanka, a tropical country, home to a variety of fruits and vegetables

Mrs Killadi | MALIBU PIXEL

Mrs Killadi – Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Sahana Madhusoothan is developed with the aim of expanding knowledge of various fields so as to collaborate and build a better community.

charity bucket

Charity Bucket – Find Causes To Help

Launched in 2020, Charity Bucket enables donors to find causes to help make the world a better place. Our easy to use website helps donors to navigate through tickets created by people in need.


Koththamalli.lk – Strong Support For Local Produce

Koththamalli.lk is a new e-commerce platform that caters to Sri Lankans living in the “new normal”.

The Covid-19 pandemic of the last few months has seen the rise of importance of two things – local produce and e-commerce platforms.