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About Senu Cabs & Tours

Senu Cabs & Tours

Senu Cabs & Tours is a leading low fare transport company in Sri Lanka, we are giving services in all over the country. Since its launch in 2010, Senu cab has come a long way, becoming one of the Sri Lankan most admired affordable travel brands. Our mission is just about simple and effective, To safely transport our passengers to their destination, most affordably and comfortably.

With an uncompromising dedication to safety, Senu Cabs prides itself for the unparalleled on-board experience provided.
Our modern vehicles are about maintaining the highest standards, and ensure you a comfortable journey.
Our well trained Drivers, and staff, are committed to ensuring that your vehicle is as pleasant as possible

Our Service remit ranges from airport taxi services, Staff transport to movers. Vehicles such as Cars, Vans, Busses and even Lorries are used with skilled drivers to serve your needs.

Worried about the time of day? We are available at your service at all times!

We put safety first,
We grow a winning team,
We provide outstanding products and services,
We consistently deliver Service Straight from the Heart,
We produce superior financial returns,
We are a socially and environmentally responsible company.

What makes us great;

  • Responsible
  • Local Knowledge
  • Patient
  • Punctual And Honest

Our Service remit ranges from airport taxi services ,Staff transport to movers.

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